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Pigs did fly! South Coast Classic Surf Comp

Nice little write up on the comp we ran on Saturday 

Red Paddle Co. 14ft Elite Review

Totland Pier Isle of Wight, REDy to Roll!

Totland Pier Isle of Wight, REDy to Roll!

Hi peeps, I’ve got a confession. Yes I’m afraid I’ve travelled to the dark side of SUP………….

Just been over to the Isle of Wight (IOW) last week-no, not that dark side! I tried out the 2015 Red Paddle 14ft Elite INFLATABLE race board (ISUP), shock! Horror!

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Sunday Surf Shot-Bournemouth Pier

Nice little Summer storm surf on Sunday 26th July, makes up for the weather!

Riding a 5’10” Starboard AMP and wearing a Sola 3/2 reactor wetsuit.

Summer storm surf shot. Credits: Ricky at Dorset Surf Photography

 Credits: Ricky at Dorset Surf Photography

Icon Classic Open Ocean Ski Race-A stand-up’s eye view

Blown out to sea!-had to tack back to shore, not so easy for a little guy on a big 17'6" board:-)

Blown out to sea!-had to tack back to shore, not so easy for a little guy on a big 17’6″ board:-)

“The (Icon) Classic course doesn’t come without its challenges. Morte-Point (French for Death Point) didn’t get its name without good reason! This headland has a dark history of ship wrecking on its sharp jagged rocks and should only be navigated at certain times of the tide….”  (Extracted from http://iconsports.eu/icon-classic-2015/ )

Read on……if ye dare!

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My ISA World Paddleboard Champs Gallery

Hi all, wanted to get this up a month ago, but work demands have been great but fantastic and fast. Better late than never:-) Thanks to Simon Bassett for most of the sports and team shots, also everyone else who took photos.

Lastly and not leastly I’d like to thank again all those who helped support me in this endeavour-I realise how fortunate I am…  Enjoy!!

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Stretching my understanding-now I know why yoga is important (finally)!

The position you put your body in is essential to good paddling perfomance. There’s still a bit of work to do here:-) but where and how?

“Power is nothing without control” -John Morris

Focus should be on the correct technique first and foremost. Using yoga tailored to your sport is a good way of doing this………REALLY?

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2015-02-11 19.29.59Just came back from an amazing one month trip to Oz, great trip which ended up with a keen focus on training as I’d been selected for Team GB for the World Champs in Mexico this May.
Here’s the highlights of the diary I kept (with photos!!) for your consumption!

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BaySUP turns up and blows out!

BU sports lab physiological testing Nov 14.

Bring on the experiments!

Ready to Ride!



In August this year Bournemouth University (BU) contacted the BaySUP posse to see if we wanted to take part in some lab testing again with them. It’s a great opportunity and the guys and girls that took part last year found it fun and beneficial, so we went for it again as we seem to like pain and discomfort!

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