Stretching my understanding-now I know why yoga is important (finally)!

The position you put your body in is essential to good paddling perfomance. There’s still a bit of work to do here:-) but where and how?

“Power is nothing without control” -John Morris

Focus should be on the correct technique first and foremost. Using yoga tailored to your sport is a good way of doing this………REALLY?

Most of you already have some understanding that flexibility and correct body posture and positioning are essential to most sports, but we tend to focus on other aspects of fitness such as long aerobic building, high intensity training and the frequencies of this training.

For years I tried to use Yoga and thought “What the &@~? is all this slow-moving, trendy, pseudo spiritual junk? It never really improved my range of joint/body movement and couldn’t wait to leave, determined to go and smash out some serious interval training.

But….. if you aren’t getting into the right positions because your body isn’t flexible, balanced and moving in co-ordination, you fatigue and stress your body more trying to go fast than someone who can move more coordinated and freely.

For me, I had been shown, but I had never really understood the benefits of yoga or the correct principles behind it….till a month ago when I started working with SUP paddling buddy and Yoga/Zen teacher Scott Brown, founder of Zen-balance.

Scott’s strong points are that he is an amazing technician-he observes you body positioning and movements, then accurately feeds back to you how to improve these by yoga. His second great strength is that he does this by adjusting his explanation to your learning style by using the right balance of visual, audio and kinesthetic communication.

Since I have understood the “Why” and “How” correctly through Scott’s guidance, my paddling technique, movements and utilizing the energy in my body for performance has improved vastly. Brass tacks are that I paddle faster, with less effort, fatigue and injury.

Check him out!!


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