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ISA Flat water SUP (Stand-Up Paddleboard) INSTRUCTOR

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The International Surfing Association Level 1 (Flat water) SUP Instructor works with the novice in flat/calm water teaching basic  SUP skills including introduction to equipment, beach safety, Carrying the SUP board, Paddling the SUP board, Entering the water, Paddling kneeling, Standing paddle forward, Paddle turning left and right, Dismount

This course is aimed at individuals with SUP experience who wish to teach basic SUP techniques to the novice.

Level Participant Environment Board Ratio
1 Novice Flat Water Soft/Hard 1:8 Max


Novice: Learning to paddle kneeling, standing and turning left and right on flat water.


The course aims to equip candidates with the skills and knowledge required to introduce the novice to SUP in a safe and supportive environment. To accredit, 20 hours instructing post-course and then return these hours logged in the workbook to the course trainer.

Student Ratio

The SUP Instructor will operate a 1:8 instructor/ student ratio when in the water with surfers.

Course Prerequisites:


The candidate must be 16 years or older.

SUP Proficiency

The candidate must demonstrate the ability to:

  • Kneeling Paddle between buoys at 20m interval
  • Standing paddle both ways around the buoys in a figure eight [8] pathway.
  • Standing paddle between buoys at 20 m intervals changing hands every 3 strokes
  • Safe Dismount



First Aid/ Lifesaving

The candidate must hold a suitable first aid/rescue award in the UK, which can be taken up to a year after the course.

Course Duration

The Level 1 Surf Coach Course is run over two days and involves practical and theory modules.

To complete certification a candidate must:

  1. Attend this course. If deemed ‘not competent’ in any part of the assessment, you will have an opportunity to develop competency during the 20 hours of coaching.
  2. “Code of Ethics” understood and signed for.
  3. Min. 20 hours of beginner level practical coaching (guided and signed off by designated supervisor instructor).
  4. After 20 hours, send lesson plans and Post Course checklist (Pg. 73) signed off by supervising coach to the course presenter.
  5. The Supervisor should be at least ISA level held for at least one year.
  6. Once accepted the ISA will send your coaching certificate to you.
  7. You have a year to accredit fully from the date of your course

Every year there is an annual re-registration of $100 USD, if it lapses longer than 6 months you may need to reassess and/or pay a late fee.