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Nov-Dec 14 117Hi peeps! Thought it would be good to tell you about my new nutrition regime-smoothies!
2 months ago my good paddling buddy and Zen master Scott Brown suggested I give it a try and the results are fantastic!

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Super Hydration! Coconut and Cherry


Lewis likes it too!

Lewis likes it too!

I found it brilliant to use anytime, but especially before or after training. Noticed a more rapid and complete effect of hydration and recovery than water or other hydration products, definitely felt less fatigued than before I took it. Continue reading

Get Your Beast-On! Pre workout product review


Product Review

Hold on tight!

Great for waking your tired and sleepy body early in the morning or when it’s fatigued from hard training. When paddling, (surf or SUP) muscle contractions seem to stay stronger with less fatigue for longer, very noticeable in sessions over an hour, but felt more shattered at the end of it!! Continue reading


Where do I start!

Where do I start!

I’ve just got fantastic news- just been given nutrition support and sponsorship by local company Super Vitality!
SuperVitality are a range sports nutrition products with specific focuses on Energy + Endurance, Hydration, Post workout recovery and Pre workout preparation.

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