SUP paddle coaching

“Andy doesn’t just tell you what to do. He talks you through every aspect of improving your paddle technique in a way you can fully understand. Great help.” Barry Short-Director of Audiotake

Video analysis is a fantastic tool for improving your paddling, especially Slo-Mo!

The primary aims for paddling are to:

  • go as fast as possible,
  • with the least effort,
  • relaxed and injury free,
  • with the right equipment,
  • for as long as possible…………….

I will help you achieve this by:

  • By applying scientific principles
  • To help you understand paddle characteristics and how they relate to you.
  • Preventing or reducing injury
  • Providing a different perspective and view of your paddling
  • Making paddling (even more!) fun and enjoyable:-)

Example of video analysis coaching here

“Andy enjoys helping others achieve their best and with a wealth of experience in SUP racing and coaching he is well qualified to advise and help you improve and develop a more efficient paddling technique.” Will Littleboy-Fatstick Rider, Bournemouth.


 The cost of coaching considered.

Of course, there’s a price for professional coaching services, but I hope the following helps put it into perspective:

-You could spend £200-300 for a new good paddle and £500 plus for a (2nd hand) board. This can be a waste of time and money if you buy a board that isn’t suited to your size, water conditions you paddle on and your ability to balance? Same if you cut your paddle too long/short or the blade on the paddle is too large in area for you, in fact it could injure yourself using the wrong paddle.

For a fraction of that cost, I can help you with your equipment decision making, objectively and realistically. Your long-term paddling potential can be achieved quicker and less painfully. How much is faster paddling with less pain and effort, with the right equipment over the next 10 (or more!) years’ worth? Get in touch!
Prices start from £20 for group sessions, per hour. or phone +44 (0)7941508531

Introductory lesson info


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