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Stretching my understanding-now I know why yoga is important (finally)!

The position you put your body in is essential to good paddling perfomance. There’s still a bit of work to do here:-) but where and how?

“Power is nothing without control” -John Morris

Focus should be on the correct technique first and foremost. Using yoga tailored to your sport is a good way of doing this………REALLY?

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(Re)starting from scratch!

Somewhere round here are some of my bits that needed fixing!

Somewhere round here are some bits that needed fixing!

Ever since my last SUP race in late August, I’ve backed off paddling to rest and recover. I haven’t been sitting on my arse tho, I’ve doing light cross-training such as cycling, swimming and martial arts. This keeps up your base fitness, without stressing the body too much, especially the areas that need to recovery from the racing season, such as the shoulders, back and hips.

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