NEW! Coach Course dates and prices

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International Surfing Association Coach awards are internationally recognised by the International Olympic Committee and Surfing Governing organisations. 

I can arrange other dates and bespoke courses covering most areas of sports development and science. Ideal for centers, schools, and large groups. Contact us for more details!

“The instructor is good at keeping the engagement up and involving everybody both through speech and chat. He does this by keeping it unpretentious with a friendly tone, which makes it easy for everybody to share and try. Since he also took the time to get to know everybody a little bit before the course, he makes the conversation with everybody flowing.
The course is a good division of theory, talk, and discussion groups. I also think it is good that it was divided into two afternoons/evening sessions, with no more than three hours to keep everybody’s attention. But also not making people put off too many evenings. 
Andy, I think you did a really good job, thumbs up!”   Helen, Norway.

2021 Online Coach Course dates and prices


22   Open water SUP   £230 (2 days, 1-day 4hrs online, 4.30pm GMT+1).


09-11 Surf Coach rescue  £320, Bournemouth

11       SLSGB Proficiency exam (with half-day refresher training.) £100 (£140) Bournemouth

20-21  level one SURF  £350, (2 days x 4hrs online, 4.30pm GMT+1 start).  


17-18 Flatwater SUP £310, (2 days x 4hrs online, 5.30pm GMT+1 start).  


Discounts also available for multi-course and group bookings!

Please contact us to book or for further queries or info.


Future dates (to be Confirmed, ask for details)

level two SURF £450, 3days x 4hr online 

Flatwater SUP £310, (2 days x 4hrs online).  

Surf Event Judging and officiating £210 (2 days x 3hrs online). 

Surf Coach rescue  £320

Online Surf SUP               £230 (1 day, 4hrs online)

Online Sea Safety Level one £79 (4hrs online)

Online Sea Safety Level two £79 (4hrs online)

Please contact us to book or for further queries or info.