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Scottish Surf Federation:

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Slovenian Surfing Association

-Swiss Stand Up Paddle board associationDeveloping SUP world wide

Norwegian Sailing Federation:

ISA (International Surfing Association) EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS

As the international federation, recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) for the sport of Surfing, SUP, and all other wave riding activities, the ISA proudly presents the proper development pathway for Educational Programs in the sport of Surfing.

Why you should consider ISA Educational Programs:

  1. International Recognition:
  • ISA Certifications are the only internationally recognized accreditation.
  • International profile of 95 (and counting) Member Nations across the globe.
  • Establish an international standard of safety, quality, and efficacy for the development of the sport and a better Surfing and SUP future.

2. Reliable, Proven, High Quality, Courses for over 25 years

The ISA’s Educational Programs are designed to develop the skills, knowledge and abilities of individuals who wish to obtain a scientific approach to the coaching and judging of surfing. Its global objectives are:

  • Advance Surfing’s development through a globally standardized and highly professional Educational Programs.
  • Provide employment opportunities, encouragement and support.
  • The ISA Educational Programs are accredited by the Australian Government and Australian Sports Commission and recognized by the Ministry of Sport and Local Government in many ISA Member Nations.

3. Developed Network of ISA Course Presenters across the globe:

ISA Course Presenters work in conjunction with the National Surfing Federations to train and accredit Surf Instructors, Coaches, and Judges at the international standard of safety, quality, and professionalism. They have a wealth of knowledge they are ready to impart.


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