Super Hydration! Coconut and Cherry


Lewis likes it too!

Lewis likes it too!

I found it brilliant to use anytime, but especially before or after training. Noticed a more rapid and complete effect of hydration and recovery than water or other hydration products, definitely felt less fatigued than before I took it.

It is basically dehydrated coconut water (which is known to be fantastic for hydration) plus cherry as a powerful antioxidant to help with recovery. It’s a recommend 45g serving to mix with water and like with all of the Super Vitality range comes with the correct size scoop for this.

The main benefit it has over liquid coconut water is storage, transportability, shelf life and cost. Good to mix in or have with other pre and post training products such as creatine or protein shakes, although if you are concerned about the overall taste, consider what flavours you mix:-)  For more info click here.



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