Nov-Dec 14 117Hi peeps! Thought it would be good to tell you about my new nutrition regime-smoothies!
2 months ago my good paddling buddy and Zen master Scott Brown suggested I give it a try and the results are fantastic!

Pretty much every morning since I’ve added this to the morning routine:
1. Open the fridge; find vegetables, fruit, oils, seeds in different combinations.
2. Put in a blender and smash them to bits!
3. Then Drink the mixture, bits and all.

The smashing makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb the nutrients without using excess energy to break it down eating them in solid form, without losing nutritional value from cooking and it keeps all the food’s fibre which is essential to good digestive function.
Since starting I have been able to increase my “5 a day” by 4 or more quite easily, body and mind have been fully awakened in a much smoother, cleaner and higher level than strong coffee (so intake of which has reduced!), my appetite has improved, gut feels more settled including the back end of the digestive program (more regular and cleaner)!
Enough of the back end, here’s some findings which you should find more interesting than my bottomly functions!:
-Basically you can blend anything and still make it palatable-as long as you get the combinations right. I found a really useful pdf. guide by fellow blogger Stephanie Eusebi, all you have to do is sign up for updates (which are really interesting and tasty recipes) and get the free guide. In addition, there are loads of simple down to basics regarding nutrition and tasty recipes presented in a fun way, check it out.

spinach, beetroot, banana and chia seeds

spinach, beetroot, banana and chia seeds

-Kale and broccoli very good alkali foods. Good for balancing the body’s systems after all the acidic foods we daily consume, but are not for the faint taste budded! Broccoli is bitter and Kale more so, I do use them but only half a handful with some spinach and usually blend in a banana to cut through and mellow the taste.
-Things like Banana, Avocado and coconut milk put the smooth in smoothies. Also I reckon you can just about blend any of these with any weird combination you make and you’ll still be able to swallow it:-)
-Want a nice cleansing smoothie (good for hangover mouth!)? try spinach, celery, apple and water.
-If you want to increase the energy provided by your blend, add oils, nuts or seeds. Although I suggest avoiding coconut or other solid at room temperature oils and fats as they sticks to every part of the blender apart from the blend! If you really want to use them, I guess try to make the blend with warm ingredients to melt the coconut oil-if you do let me know how you get on!!!
Try anything! I’ve used beetroot, sweet potato and olive oil. As a starter I suggest getting Stephanie’s guide to smoothies and go and try some. Let your imagination run wild and feel free to let me know the results:-)



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