Where do I start!

Where do I start!

I’ve just got fantastic news- just been given nutrition support and sponsorship by local company Super Vitality!
SuperVitality are a range sports nutrition products with specific focuses on Energy + Endurance, Hydration, Post workout recovery and Pre workout preparation.

These products are backed by on-going rigorous product development research from their Nutrition Director, Barbara Cox of Nutrichef and Co-Founder Steve Kirlew. In addition the directing team includes Co-founder Richard Watts and Lewis Moody MBE –Ex England Rugby Captain and now SuperVitality Brand Ambassador.
Check out this range!!!

I was really interested in working with them as their products are a natural choice. They contain no fillers and no artificial sweeteners – they keep it simple. For example, if they need to sweeten products they use Stevia – a natural alternative to sugar, taken from the leaf of a plant. They are one of the first in the UK to formulate this into sports supplements.

Best things about having SuperVitality nutrition for me?

• Always having healthy food to hand
• Not having to shop, prep and sometimes cook so often (I’m so lazy when it comes to this!).
• Awesome variety of stuff to eat, Yay!!
I’m going to be field testing and reviewing all these goodies over the next month or two-watch this space!



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