Get Your Beast-On! Pre workout product review


Product Review

Hold on tight!

Great for waking your tired and sleepy body early in the morning or when it’s fatigued from hard training. When paddling, (surf or SUP) muscle contractions seem to stay stronger with less fatigue for longer, very noticeable in sessions over an hour, but felt more shattered at the end of it!! This I guess is due to increased energy output, but recovered well once I stopped flying around exercising!
The stated dose is 20g with 300ml water and tried that the first time.

Weeeeeeell, a little too much for me………..I was climbing the walls, dry mouthed, couldn’t sit still……just had to train, NOW! Also found myself wanting to drink more than I normally do, so keep hydrating as much as possible when you take it. Now I use only when I really need perking up or have a really long session, ¼ to ½ scoop maximum before training or racing. I recommend READING THE LABEL FIRST (it’s powerful stuff) and then starting dosage at 5g, building up to what is best for you.



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