Summer SUP Sessions with the Danes

23-24 June, Klitmoller, Thy region, Denmark
The DSRF (Danish Surf and rafting Federation) Hosted two ISA one day SUP modules in great summer conditions in Northern Jutland last weekend.

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Surfing England International coaching presenter Andy Joyce ran a  SUP Open water Module on Saturday, finishing with a epic 10km downwind session from the town of Thisted across the fjord to the Island of Mors in 40-50 km/hr Westerly winds.

Andy said: “Perfect downwind conditions, lots of bumps going our way with no other directions of swell or chop to negotiate. The 7 students planned and executed the run perfectly. With this and the favourable conditions,  made it one of the best DWinders I’ve experienced.”

On Sunday, the winds dropped, shaping the 2-3 foot conditions nicely  for the SUP surfing practical sessions, a large part of the one day instructor module.
Overall the weekend was a great opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with SUPpers from all over Denmark.

After a minimum of 10 hours practical coaching planned and recorded, the coaches will have the opportunity to qualify as advanced specialist SUP coaches.
For more info on these specialist SUP modules click here or contact



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