SUP safely workshops

Are you really safe when you Stand Up Paddleboard (SUP)?

Do you know:

-What to do if the wind changes or the water becomes rough?

-How to choose when to ride an inflatable or hard board?

-What equipment to wear and when?

If not, contact me on or +44 (0)7941508531 for more info or to book!

The rapid growth and easy accessibility of SUP has allowed great numbers to participate, but many of these numbers have no or very little water safety knowledge and/or training.

Based on this and loads of discussion with other SUPpers I’ve set up some training courses,

About me

I’m an experienced SUP racer, surfer and trainer and hold the following qualifications:

  • andy sup surfingSLSGB lifesaving trainer/assessor
  • SLSGB flood/swift water rescue technician level 3.
  • ISA SUP coach and course presenter.
  • Sports Science degree in Coach and Athlete development.
  • Also over 30 years of personal water sports experience.


My courses are designed for Paddlers of all abilities, wanting to ensure they know if the SUP conditions and venue are suitable for them or not, also what equipment to take and why.


  • SUP Venue and condition assessmentsIMG_5980

  • Rescue and safety skills

  • Communication options

  • Selecting the right equipment for the job.

Sup Safety level one

6 hour course, covering the above topics for flat enclosed low flow inland waters

Price £55

Sup Safety level 2

6 hour course, covering the above topics for open ocean, surf and fast flowing waters.

Price £55


Level 1: Saturday 13 and 27th Aug, Sunday 18th and Sat 1st October  9am-3pm

Level 2: Sunday 14th and 28th August, Sun 2nd October 9am-3pm

Other dates available by appointment, to book simply contact me on or +44 (0)7941508531

Go SUP! But be safe!



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