Pedal to paddle – the life cycle of SUP


Words and pics: SUP Mag UK

We’d all like to believe our green credentials are intact. As stand up paddle boarders and connoisseurs of all things wet, by the very nature of us getting outdoors on non-motorised craft means we’re doing our bit for the environment, right?

And yet, when you delve a little deeper we’re not necessarily as environmentally friendly as first glances would indicate. The kit we use all leaves its carbon footprint during the manufacturing process, shipping around the world and actually getting to the consumer stage. Once in possession we then need to actually hit up our chosen stretch of water – in most cases this is done via motorised transport. It doesn’t need pointing out that cars, vans and engine driven vehicles aren’t great for the green.

So what could you do? What one change could paddlers make to lessen their impact on Mother Nature?

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